Becoming Naledi Mokoena 

 Leaving Isidingo was very emotional but the prospect of being able to explore with new characters was SO exciting and this could not have come in a better way…End Game is an intense thriller, that is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat. I play the hard-nosed journalist who’s got killer instincts and goes with her gut, uncovering many truths and making many wish she were dead.

Working with Hlomla Dandala has been an absolute pleasure-pure professionalism-pure talent!

Ronniea Nyakele has also been a performer I’ve loved watching and now I get to watch him at close range-what an amazing performer.

It’s the second time I work with Bubu Mazibuko and I have so much love and respect for this woman-the universe did well…very well.

Sthandiwe Kgoroge is an old friend and a woman I admire. How grateful I am to have my name next to hers on a show.

Proud to be working with the entire End Game cast and crew. It’s been exciting and I am humbled!

A 13 part series that’s gonna get them all talking!

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